On behalf of HTM the artist duo SOGOshow painted a colourful mural on the edge of Rijswijk! The stork they included in the painting is watching over The Hague and the colours that are used are inspired by the environment. In this way, SOGO wants to add a colourful work of art that fits in with the neighbourhood.

In addition to colour, SOGOshow loves the use of patterns. The many doors and grids on the house were therefore a nice challenge. They have chosen to embrace the shapes in the surface for the design. For example, the drainpipe is transformed into a beautiful plant!

On the first day, the artists sketched a doodle grid, this is a trick that street artists use to scale up their designs from paper to a larger mural. The neighbourhood was shocked for a moment, but after some explanation and when the first colours emerged on the wall, the artwork was quickly embraced in the neighbourhood. The artists were soon spoiled by local children with delicious croissants and they still receive many positive reactions from local residents!