Date: Zomer 2018
LOCATION: Scheveningen Boulevard Strandweg 150-154

Panorama Mesdag is a cylindrical panoramic painting, one of the oldest 19th century panoramas in the world, painted by the artist Mesdag, and belongs to the Top 100 of the Dutch Monuments. 

In celebration of 200 years of Scheveningen beach, THSA has started a very unique project. In the months June and July, 12 associated THSA artists are working on a new version of the Panorama Mesdag on Scheveningen beach.

With a wall of 120 metres long and 3 metres high, each artist will paint a piece of 10 metres in their own style, showing their view of the original masterpiece. The participating artists are (in order of appearance from left to right):

Patrick "Artdrenaline", Ringo Molliner, Sjors Kouthoofd, Erwin Verkade, Bier en Brood, Micha de Bie, Marilou Klapwijk, Tobias Becker Hoff, Graphic Sense, Sogo (Sophia den Breems & Gordon Meuleman), Karski & Beyond and Jochem van Aller.

Come and take a stroll along the beach and watch the artwork come to life!

Photo's: Akbar Simonse


Check below the interview  from AD Haagse Courant with Martijn van Delft (Panorma Mesdag Museum) and Ringo Mollinger (THSA).

"Ik denk dat Mesdag zich heel gelukkig had geprezen"