Date: 01-12-2017
LOCATION: Teleport Hotel Binckhorstlaan 131

At the end of 2017, 10 THSA affiliated artists have tackled the first 10 rooms of the Teleport Hotel in The Hague.


The Hague Teleport Hotel is located in the middle of the upcoming Street Art district in the Binckhorst, The Hague. Following their establishment in Amsterdam, which has been transformed into a Street Art Hotel in collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art (ASA), the hotel approached THSA to furnish their hotel in The Hague with unique murals. These are the first 10 rooms, sprayed by The Hagues Finest; Artdrenaline, Graphic Sense, Erwin Verkade, Crails Moansburg, ANGST, Joy Chiquita, Serge KB, Beyond, Ringo Mollinger & Shake.

The hotel has 3 floors, each with its own theme; The Hague city center, Scheveningen (beach area) and the Royal family. The artists were asked to provide a design of their artwork within these themes.

In 2018 there will be an added floor that will be fully Street Art. Also, all remaining rooms will be painted by our artists.

Keep an eye on our website and social media to follow the whole process!


Artdrenaline - Scheveningen 

Graphic Sense - Koningshuis 

Erwin Verkade - Haagse Binnenstad

Moansburg - Koningshuis

ANGST - Haagse Binnestad

Joy Chiquita - Koningshuis

SergeKB - Scheveningen

Beyond - Haagse Binnenstad

Ringo Mollinger - Koningshuis

Shake - Scheveningen

Foto's: Akbar Simonse