Date: 12-06-2017
LOCATION: Pathe Spui Spui 65

Last June 12, there was a special preview of the documentary/film "All Eyez on Me", about the life of 2-Pac in the Pathe cinema on Spuimarkt. In the run-up to the I Love Hiphop Festival, The Hague Street Art artists, Sjors Kouthoofd, Tobias Becker Hoff and Rake Streets made three beautiful and diverse canvases in honor of the deceased rapper.

These diverse works of art were finalized and displayed to the public on the evening of the preview. These enormous paintings can now be viewed at the The Hague Hiphop Center (Haags Hiphop Centrum). Feel free to visit!

Tupac portrait by THSA artist Sjors Kouthoofd. 

Tupac Lyrics by THSA duo Rake Streken.

Tupac portrait by THSA artiest Tobias Becker-Hoff.