Date: 26-04-2017
LOCATION: Buitenhof Buitenhof

 THSA was present during the Life I Live festival again this year! With a beer in one hand and a spraycan or brush in the other, 7 connected artists surprised the visitors of the festival with their art.

The artists started painting their artworks in the evening, which were set up the following day as decorations during the rest of the festival!

Sophia den Breems and Joy Chiquita made a nice collaboration with "Beer, Burgers and Titties". Artist Sjors Kouthoofd has featured the well-known Street Art photographer Akbar as a Mondrian painting to celebrate both Akbar's birthday and the 100th anniversary of 'de Stijl' (the Style), where Mondriaan was part of.

Tobias Becker-Hoff has also worked in the Mondriaan theme and combined this with different characters.

Erwin Verkade celebrated the 100th anniversary of the style with the well-known Rietveld chair and on the other side Patrick Ijmkers and Zepp van der Spek worked together at the first Mondriaan Transformer.

And last but not least, our super trainee Dana-G sprayed "THSA Paint Jam".