Date: 21-04-2017
LOCATION: De Frietwinkel Den Haag Korte Poten 23

THSA PRESENTS: PARALLEL EXPOSURE #2, exibit on two locations! The first part of Marilou Klapwijk's exhibition: FOREVER PATAT (forever fries) was opened on the 21st of April.


Pastel sweet and crispy salt, her work is a dish specially seasoned for the 'Frietwinkel'(Fries shop) and is worth a visit. In case you missed this opening: go for the re-match on wednesday May 3rd for the opening of the second part with her other work: 'Sweetness & Other Life-Threatening Situations’ in het B-part Hotel Kenedy!

Meanwhile, her fries are up for viewing until June 2nd at the Dapp Frietwinkel, fries with ketchup, fries to eat in and art to take away from € 20!