Date: 01-09-2016
LOCATION: Bink HOF Binkhorstlaan 36

A Street Art / Graffiti workshop as a company outing! Who would not want that?

The Department Public Affairs of Escamp was certainly excited about the idea! During the morning program of their company outing they had chosen for a workshop from THSA.
The group met by the Hague Environmental Services where they have had a brief tour along the panels painted by THSA. From there, the group cycled to the legal graffiti wall of fame at the Bink 36.
Here, the group has collectively painted a large Escamp piece. To finish they have sprayed four large canvasses. The canvasses were made for an employee who has been employed at the The Hague municipality for 40 years.  As you can see, a big fan of the Rolling Stones.