Location: Mediamarkt Grote Marktstraat 17-37

In the run-up towards the I Love Hip Hop festival, Eelco van den Berg painted a giant canvas on the facade of the Media Market in the Grote Marktstraat. It was exciting  for a moment since Eelco had been delayed on his return from Canada, where he had just been working on several major projects. But despite his delay Eelco succeeded to paint the gigantic artwork within only 5 days! This huge, beautiful piece of art will stay up for several weeks and is made possible by: Shoppingnight The Hague, Mediamarkt The Hague, The Hague Street Art, I Love Hip Hop, Fonds promotie kleine evenementen en Peter Boelhouwer  (DB activities).

Check out a short video of the project here.

About Eelco van den Berg:

Illustrator, painter and creator of (large) murals. Raised in Uden and got obsessed with hip hop and graffiti at a young age. Most of his works are made by hand and are characterized by his strong use of colour, use of motifs and outlines combined with decorative and illustrative elements. When you see his portfolio, the variety of his work and clients is one of the first things you will notice. Eelco currently lives and works in Rotterdam and New York.


You can check his work out at