About the artist

With a professional background in graphic design and nearly 20 years of experience with graffiti Roelof now passionately works as an artist and teacher. Roelof has made paintings of high quality in a big part of the world, demonstrations and makes work commissioned, individually and in cooperation with international artists.

As a highlight Roelof Schierbeek worked together with an international team in 2013, painting the largest mural in the world in Yas Island Sheikh of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). In The Hague you can find his work at the Laakweg where three of his huge paintings decorate the flats.

Roelofs focus is on making free work, both in public spaces and on canvas. The combination of many different layers, the surprising depth and well thoughtcolor schemes bring his dynamic paintings to life. Typical for his work is how he works with typography, secure finish and attention to detail. Roelof has a successful running business with which he takes care of everything around Graffiti and Street Art. For example arranging workshops and commissioned paintings, both inside and out.


Please contact him if you want to do an appeal to Roelof or want to work together with him.