About the artist

The Zoetermeer based illustrator and Street Artist Tobias Becker Hoff is a true multi styler and should not be labeled in a particular style or medium. He works both digital and analog, from large mural to digital design. Always curious and looking for new challenges, he continues developing his styles- and has been expanding his palette for more than twenty years. He is adept at working with typography and graphics. The one time in writing by hand, the other time graphic and technical, or a combination of both. Because of its diversity, Tobias is trying to give the right atmosphere to the concept. Tobias makes both free work as a commissioned work and is a graduated at the School of the Arts (HKU) in 2010. His career has been given a new boost in April 2015 by starting with a bottom-up project in his home town Zoetermeer. There he started the Urban Art Studio. As a social entrepreneur, he tries to make the city where he lives more interesting on its own and through this project. The Urban Art Studio is focused on working with Street Art projects, workshops, exhibitions and events. In addition, he makes clever use of a vacant shop by using it as a pop-up store.