Date: 01-12-2018
LOCATION: Binckhorst Binckhorst

The Binckhorst Street Art Route is a fact!

The street art route in the Binckhorst area was officially opened on Friday 9 November by initiator and now Member of Parliament Martin Wörsdörfer and alderman Boudewijn Revis. They were presented with the Binck Street Art Guide volume 1 by Leo Heusdens of The Hague Street Art during a festive event at the The Hague Teleport Hotel.

Various wall paintings from The Hague local artists and national and international street art artists can be admired on the route, sometimes even at surprising locations. The art has been applied to walls of buildings, distribution transformer objects, the prayer chapel of the St. Barbara cemetery and the pillars, lobby, elevator and rooms of the The Hague Teleport Hotel. The street art accentuates the raw edge of this developing, innovative neighbourhood. In its design we collaborated with the municipality of The Hague, entrepreneurs of the area and other users and residents of the Binckhorst area.

Because of its great success, the route will expand in 2019!

A free copy of the Binck Street Art Guide volume 1 can be found at the Teleport Hotel, the The Hague Info Store (THIS) and the district office Laak.

You can also find the guide online: