Date: 26-08-2018
LOCATION: Veluweplein/Soestdijksekade

Founder of the legendary The Hague band ‘Q65’,Joop Roelofs , deserved a permanent mural. A temporary portrait was previously painted on one of the legal practice walls. And there is no better place suited for a permanent mural than the place where the band has written their songs!

Rene Vollebregt a.k.a NEAR! And Desone acted in record time to paint this tribute mural for Joop. Fortunately, Joop himself was able to see the mural and fully enjoy the revelation party on 26 August 2018, for which he was picked up and brought to in style.

A few weeks later, Joop passed away...

We will forever be grateful for this moment and think back to the great revelation party with a smile and a tear.

Artists: NEAR! & Desone

Special thanks to: Henk Augustijn & Hans Ridden.


(Pictures slideshow: Gera Nieland)

Picture: Akbar Simonse