Date: 22-07-2018
LOCATION: Oude Azivo Gebouw Oude Haagweg 128

It was once a rubber factory for the company Vredestein, then an office of health insurer Azivo, but now it is mainly a decaying building that is ready for demolition. The building known as the "Azivo building" in Houtwijk was a thorn in the side of the neighbouring residents.

Because the building had been empty and neglected for seven years it attracted drug abusers and criminals. The local residents fought for improvement and came up with the idea for the building to be decorated with art until the demolition. The municipality contacted The Hague Street Art to talk about a wall painting in a style that appealed to the neighbourhood. After a number of conversations the choice fell on Micha de Bie, due to his geometric style, use of colour and clean lines. With the input from the neighbourhood, Micha made three sketches from which they could choose from. This way he has ensured that the building is part of the neighbourhood again, at least until the time it still stands.