Date: 15-07-2018
LOCATION: Binckhaven Corner Maanweg / Melkwegstraat

The artist, Erwin Verkade, had made 3 different designs which could be voted on during a meeting with entrepreneurs of the Binckhorst area.


When we chose the artist for this project, we had to take into account that the object is located along a busy street. There was a preference for a modest piece of art that is in harmony with its surroundings. After all, we do not want to cause any road accidents. The final design was chosen by a large majority.

The Binckhorst is an area in The Hague with a lot of (young) creative entrepreneurs and activities. An area where old and new industries boost each other every day. With these two facets, Erwin has managed to achieve an industrial and creative piece of graphic work. Two colours that contrast but also complement each other. These are also the colours that can be found in the neighbouring buildings, making the artwork a beautiful ensemble with the rest of its surroundings.