Date: 15-07-2018
LOCATION: Apollo 14 Saturnusstraat 14

The municipality of The Hague leases the Apollo14 building to innovative and creative entrepreneurs who contribute to a better world through technological and social innovations. The building is located in the middle of the Binckhorst area in The Hague.

To bring the building a bit more under the attention and at the same time connect it nicely to all the new and upcoming street art plans within the Binckhorst area, THSA was asked to provide the building with a mural painting. Artdrenaline and Graphic Sense have been busy the past few weeks with painting the Apollo Lunar Module on the building. The building is part of the former KPN building complex and to make it a visible part of the connecting buildings, we were asked to let the design blend well with the surrounding buildings, without losing too much of its ensemble value.

A nice challenge with a nice result!


Foto's: Akbar Simonse