Date: 17-06-2018
LOCATION: Binckhaven Bier en Braad festival

On father’s day, The Hague Street Art was invited to give a street art workshop and demonstration during the Beer and Roast festival at the Binckhaven (harbour area of Binckhorst in The Hague).

Kids were able to participate in a graffiti workshop on the wharf and on the lot next door a Street Art demo was done by THSA artists Sophia den Breems, Gordon Meuleman, Ringo Mollinger, Erwin Verkade, Moshe and Bier & Brood. provided us with a trailer and a boat to use during the demo. The trailer is suited with art by Ringo Mollinger and the boat by none other than Bier & Brood (Beer & Bread)....or should we say Beer & Boat!

To make it complete, visitors to the festival could help put the finishing touches to the gigantic Binckhaven signing.


A beautiful day with a lot of enthusiastic reactions!

Workshop for the kids

Finsihing tghe Binckhaven Signing with the locals

Beer & Boat! (Foto Akbar Simonse)

Ringo Mollinger (Binckboot)

Erwin Verkade, Sophia den Breems & Gordon Meuleman in action!

Sophia den Breems (Foto Akbar Simonse)

Gordon Meuleman (Foto Akbar Simonse)

Erwin Verkade (Foto Akbar Simonse)

Moshe (Foto Akbar Simonse)