Date: 28-02-2018
LOCATION: Driestar College Gouda

We were recently approached by the Re-Born B.V. Company to join in the restyling of Driestar highschool in Gouda.


A lot is being refurbished at the school and this was an excellent opportunity for the school to give it a much fresher look. There were more than 800 lockers in the old familiar red and yellow circus colours. Very cosy and cheerful but absolutely not of this time anymore. It was our job to refurbish it and give it new life. Re-Born had developed new corporate identity colours and logos and The Hague Street Art translated it into the lockers.


In the last week of February the Spring Break leave was utilised to tackle this job in a big way. Within five days all lockers were pre-processed, painted with a new, fresh colour and the logos in correspondence to the different departments painted on using stencils.


Certainly not the easiest job because of the many embossments in the lockers, but we are very pleased with the result. A huge upgrade for the school.