Date: 11-07-2017
LOCATION: Cruijff Court Tenierplantsoen

A Cruyff Court is a modern version of the ancient soccer fields that were found in many neighborhoods in the past.

Over the years these fields have often been sacrificed to new construction plans. This caused a lost of an important social function of sports and youth games in the neighborhoods. With the Cruyff Courts, the Cruyff Courts Foundation tries to bring KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Union) Fields back in the neighborhoods. A Cruyff Court is a meeting place where topics such as health, integration, playtime together and respect for each other are important. These themes are shaped by, among other things, the 14 rules of Johan Cruijff that hang in every field.

The old painted panels on the Tenier plantsoen were in need of replacement and THSA was approached to give the Cruiff Court a new facelift! Roy "Karski" Valk and Roelof "Beyond" Schierbeek made a cool mural on the wall, all in sports theme with the words "Sky is the Limit" and "Fair Play". 

Pictures: Akbar Simonse