Datum: 23-01-2017
LOCATION: Paard van Troje Prinsegracht 12

The Hague Street Art is working on a series of portraits of The Hague’s iconic figures. After the passing of street musician Chuck Deely, The Hague Street Art decided to make a tribute in his honor in collaboration with music venue Paard van Troje and Meldpunt Graffiti (the municipality’s wing against illegal graffiti).

The artwork was made by the artist duo Bier en Brood and will be on viewing for a month on the front of Paard van Troje. Bier en Brood is known for their black and white detailed works. Their style has a raw look that fits well with Chuck, who would play his guitar and sing at Grote Martkstreet rain or shine (or storm, hail and snow).