LOCATION: Regentesselaan 262 Regentesselaan 262

It's a wrap! THSA artist Sophia den Breems has braved the cold weather to provide the electricityhouse on the Regentesselaan 262 with a new artwork!

The electricity house on the Regentesselaan is part of the The Hague Street Art tour, with 40 painted electricity houses in the district Segbroek. The new artwork on Regentesselaan has been made possible through e-participation, residents could vote which artist and what design they would like to see on the house. Eventually the neighborhood voted for artis Sophia den Breems who made the final design. Sophia’s design shows various inventors such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Archimedes.

Want to see what other inventors are featured on the house? Then please take a look for yourself and please also use the opportunity to walk along the other painted houses in the neighborhood.

More information about The Hague Street Art Tour can be found here.

Thanks to Akbar Simonse for the pictures.