LOCATION: Prinsegracht 12 Paard Van Troje

The German artist "SatOne" painted a gigantic canvas on the facade of the "Paard van Troje"

We are very proud to announce that  I Love Hip Hop festival and THSA booked two world artists for ‘the I Love Hip Hop Street Art Tour’; Eelco "Virus"van den Berg and Rafael "SatOne"Gerlach. SatOne has painted a giant 25 m2 canvas on a platform. The canvas was hanging on the facade at Paard van Troje on the Prinsengracht.

About SatOne:


"SatOne 'is a pseudonym for the self-taught artist Rafael Gerlach from Munich, who was originally born in Venezuela. This experienced graphic designer discovered his interest in graffiti the early years. He developed his own style in an intensive way and found a language of forms that creates a fascinating medium between technocratie and the artwork of imaginary worlds. The technical precision in his work reminds us of digital (graphic) art, but the artwork he produces is precisely handcrafted which makes his style completely self-contained.