About the artist


(Patrick Goos, The Hague, 1972)

Artdrenaline is a professional company, founded by Patrick Goos, which deals with various forms of airbrush and graffiti art. After the establishment in 2005, Patrick Goos build up his name with the many murals on gable ends in The Hague, highlighted by more than 15 works of art on gable ends throughout The Hague.

Patrick Goos started in 1985 as a graffiti artist and has established himself as an autodidact and learned the tricks of the art, specializing in realism and 3D graffiti. In recent years Patrick Goos has started to differentiate himself by focusing on the freehand airbrushing, without stencils. Here he knows how to distinguish himself with his realism (with a touch of graffiti.) This form of art has a fine appearance which results in more detail in a mural, this way it gets more accessible in "clean" areas such as business but also for private commisions he will be happy to take his airbrush with him.


Patrick is open for everything and sees a challenge in everything that he does not shy away from. Whether this is realistic or abstract, from nursery to meeting room, garden fence to gable wall ... nothing is too crazy for this guy. His artistic work is recognizable by realistic work in various degrees of one color. Finally…. To serve the customer even better,  Patrick increasingly works with water-based paint to reduce the smell to a minimum so there is no need to be taken further action for the customer.